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Who to inform when moving into a new house in the UK?

When you’re moving to a new house, it’s imperative to inform all contacts and companies that you have a regular correspondence with. Failing to do so can result in new post turning up at your old house or extra, unavoidable charges.

Whether it’s government bodies or a monthly subscription to Amazon, you should update your new address with all your relevant contacts at least one week before you move into your new place (although ideally sooner.)

To simplify the process, use the list below (preferably in the given order) when informing your contacts that you’re moving house.

Government bodies

Banks and financial contacts

Equally, you should try to inform any and all banks and financial contacts of your new address at least 10-14 days before your move-in date. Doing so will prevent your financial information turning up at your former address and potentially falling into the wrong hands.

Failing to inform your bank can also potentially result in a suspected fraud hold on your account, which can mean a temporary freeze on your card. Make sure to let the following contacts know that you’re moving house and ask them to redirect all your bills, statements and letters to your new home:

Inform any insurance companies

Whether it’s health insurance, pet insurance or life insurance services, you should make all your insurance companies aware that you’re moving house and will no longer be contactable at your former address.

Inform your utility companies

To make sure you have working water, heat and electricity, you should inform your utility companies that you’ll soon be moving into a new house. Failing to do so can result in being double charged, or even a delay in access to utilities at your new home. Inform your water, electrics and gas companies of your new address well before your move in date, ideally a month before you settle in.

This will give them the chance to update your billing records and ensure that your new home will be fully equipped for your move-in. If you want to switch providers, we’d recommend contacting them around one month before moving in. This allows them time for any necessary installations (such as WiFi) before your move-in date.

Monthly contract services (mobile, satellite, etc)

Next up, you should inform all companies with whom you pay a monthly bill for a particular service. This includes any of the below categories:

Subscription/Monthly Services (Amazon, HelloFresh etc)

Monthly subscription services are increasingly popular in the UK, but what happens if you fail to inform the company that you’re moving house? Unless you want your goodies turning up at your old address, make sure to inform any subscription services ideally 2 weeks before your move-in date.

Some examples of popular subscription/monthly services:

Health Providers

Being in the UK means that you’re probably already registered with a GP. When moving house, you’ll need to inform the NHS and your local GP practice, so that they can register you with a new GP surgery in your new area as soon as possible. If you’re moving out of the UK and won’t have access to NHS services, you should simply inform your local GP nonetheless, so that any medical correspondence won’t continue to turn up at your former address.

You’ll need to inform the following:


You’ll also need to inform your employer that you’re moving house, so they can update your address. If you’re moving house with children, you should also inform the school’s auxiliary office before your move in date.

Informing your place of work should be done a few weeks before moving into your new home, to allow your employers the time to change your contact information and redirect any important forms, payslips or letters.

If you’re at university, you should also inform the university administrations office that you’re moving house. Most universities will still send important information by snail mail, such as matriculation information and student ID cards. To prevent important information delaying your enrollment, update your university as soon as possible.

Tell your family and friends

While it might seem obvious, it’s still important to inform your friends and family when you’re moving house. This is especially important if you have elderly family members who regularly send cards, gifts and other items to your home.

To make the transition simple and avoid lost parcels, send a hand-written note with your new address to all relevant family members and tell them to hold onto it.

What happens if I don’t inform people that I’ve moved house?

Moving house can be overwhelming, so we don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten to update all your relevant contacts about your new address. However, it’s extremely important that you go through the list above and inform all your relevant companies and organisations as soon as possible.

Having an incorrect address stored with your bank account, for example, can lead to a fraud hold on your account until you can verify otherwise. It can also put you out of pocket - if you fail to inform your relevant utility companies of your move, you might end up paying extra for gas, electric or water.

To ensure a fuss-free moving experience, try to inform all your relevant contacts at least 2 weeks before your move-in date.

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