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How far is Kent from London?

Kent is only 30-45 minutes outside of London, making it an ideal place to move to if you’re looking to move out of the city. It's no secret that London house prices are out of control - with rising property prices and stagnant wages, it's no surprise that many who are currently based in the capital are looking to relocate elsewhere.

One of the most popular locations for new movers is Kent: with its blend of city life and country living, Kent remains one of the most popular destinations for the so-called London exodus. If you're thinking about relocating to Kent, you might be wondering just how far from London the county is, and whether it'd make for a viable place to settle down and buy a property.

The most highly-populated county in England, Kent is situated in the South East, just next to London. With a steadily increasing population, Kent remains one of the most popular destinations for both London-based professionals and those leaving the city indefinitely.

In this guide, we're going to go over everything you need to know about the distance between London and Kent: the commute time, the public transport links, and whether or not Kent is a good place to live in 2023. Let's take a look!

How far is Kent from London?

The centre of Kent is just over 40 miles from the centre of London, and it takes around an hour by car or train to get from one to the other. Kent is the ideal settling spot for professionals based in the capital, with cheaper property prices and excellent transport links.

Where in Kent is closest to London?

The closest towns to London in Kent include Dartford, Maidstone and Tonbridge, all of which are within 40 miles of central London. Other nearby towns include Sevenoaks and Canterbury both of which offer convenient access to the capital.

How long is the train journey from Kent to London?

The fastest train journey time from Kent to London is around 40 minutes. The slower services take around an hour, but the duration of your journey will naturally depend on which station you are travelling from, and where you’re heading to in London. People who live near one of the stations with a direct service can benefit from faster travel times than those that require a change.

The majority of journeys from Kent to London involve changing at either Ashford International, or at Ebbsfleet International stations - both of these stations are located close to the county's border, and offer an efficient connection to central London. However, there are also routes available for those wanting a more direct route without having to change trains.

Can I drive to London?

Yes, it is possible to drive from Kent to London. However, it can be an expensive option due to the cost of petrol, as well as any potential congestion charges if you pass through certain areas. The journey time will also usually be longer than if you were to take the train, depending on what time of the day you’re travelling. If you are planning to drive from Kent to London, it is advisable to plan your route in advance and take into account potential delays due to traffic (as well as any congestion costs). There are several routes available, including the M2 motorway which connects Kent directly with London.

Which Kent town is closest to London?

The Kent towns closest to London include Dartford (located just 13 miles outside London) as well as Kentish Town, which is just four miles outside London. Other nearby towns include Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.

How far is Maidstone from London?

The distance between central London and Maidstone, Kent's largest city, is only 38 miles. Commuters can easily travel back-and-forth between these two places without having to make an excessively long journey — making it ideal for those looking to live outside of the capital but still close enough to commute in on a daily or weekly basis.

Is Kent a good place to live?

Kent is a great place to live, offering the best of both city living and country living. Being close enough to London, Kent is great for those looking to commute in and out of the city for work, while also being able to enjoy lower property prices and plenty of outdoor green spaces. While it’s hard to compete with London on tourist sites, Kent also boasts impressive coastlines and historic sites to explore with the family.

Some advantages that come with living in Kent instead of London are lower property prices, extra outdoor space, and a calmer lifestyle. Those considering relocating to Kent can benefit just as much from the county's beauty and culture too. With miles of stunning coastline with beaches and harbours, picturesque villages and tranquil countryside, you won't be missing London for long! The area is also home to some important historical sites such as Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral and Dover Castle - so there’s plenty to do and see.

Why is Kent so popular?

So, what makes Kent such a popular landing point for those fleeing the London housing market? It’s pretty simple - Kent is popular due to its unique mix of country living and city life. It also offers easy access to London, which makes it a great option for commuters who want somewhere quieter and more affordable to live (while still remaining within commuting distance of the capital.)

In short, Kent’s versatility and proximity to London has made it the top destination for London movers in recent years. With its mix of countryside, coastline and city life all within easy reach of the capital, it’s no surprise that Kent’s population is set to hit 1.8 million in the coming decade.

Bottom line

For those who work in London but might be looking for cheaper house prices, Kent is an ideal, affordable, and downright desirable option. Just 40 minutes away by train from central London, Kent offers a more balanced lifestyle for young families, as well as more affordable housing than the city centre. And don’t forget those impressive coastlines, picturesque villages and the tranquillity of countryside living!

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