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Having Dreams About Moving House - What Does It Mean?

Our brains are funny things, and our dreams can sometimes get pretty strange. If you’re regularly having dreams about moving house, what is your brain trying to tell you?

The good news is, dreams typically aren’t fortune-predictors; what occurs in your dreams isn’t necessarily going to happen in real life. So if you’ve been dreaming about moving house and hating it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s how things are going to be.

However, our dreams can actually be a useful window into our deeper thoughts. So, if you’re having dreams about moving house, what does it actually mean? Let’s take a look.

You’re ready to change your life

Moving house represents perhaps one of the greatest life changes that a person can make, so if you’re constantly dreaming about moving house, your brain might be trying to tell you that it’s time for something different.

However, the interpretation of this dream will depend on how you are in the dream when you move; are you happy in your new home? Are you with your family or are you alone? Are you calm and self-assured in your new home? If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’, you might be ready for a change.

Whether that ‘change’ involves moving home will come down to your own personal circumstances, but constantly dreaming about moving house does imply that your subconscious wants something new and different.

You’re conflicted about moving home

If you’re regularly dreaming about moving house - but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in your new home - you might be struggling with change in your life. If you’re in the process of moving house, you may actually be struggling with the process of leaving your old home and starting afresh somewhere new.

If you’re having these types of dreams, there’s no need to worry or panic. Feeling preemptively homesick is completely normal, especially if you’ve spent a long time in your former home, or if you’re moving somewhere much further afield.

Talk to your family about this; you don’t want to arrive at your new home and unleash all your pent-up emotions all at once. It’s healthy to discuss your emotions - especially when you’re undergoing an important life change - so don’t be afraid to talk about how you’re going to miss your old home. You might notice that as soon as you stop bottling up your emotions, they’ll stop showing up in your dreams.

You’re in conflict in your relationship

If you’re having recurring dreams where you move house - and you’re alone in your new home - this can be a sign of conflict in your relationship or family. This conflict is leading your subconscious to effectively “flee” your current situation and find yourself settled elsewhere.

The key to understanding this dream is analysing how you are in it; what are your emotions, how are you feeling, are you unhappy or happy to be alone? If you’re unhappy to be alone, you might simply be going through a rough patch and need time alone to resource yourself and recharge your batteries.

If you’re happy to be alone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your subconscious wants you to quit your relationship or current living situation; it might simply be a sign that you need more space, or a change in your relationship.

You might want to focus on communicating with your partner or family if these dreams keep recurring; pinpoint any problems and work through them as a family or as a couple. You might notice that these dreams stop once any problems in your relationship are resolved.

You’re worried about money

If you’ve been having dreams about moving house - and hating it - your brain might actually be worried about money. Think about it - moving house is a costly endeavor no matter how you go about it: the combined cost of movers, buying the home itself, re-organising bills and utilities, paying fees for estate agents - it all adds up. And if the end result is that you hate your new home? A colossal waste of money.

You might be having financial worries or problems managing your money - you might also feel that you’re currently overspending, and it’s playing on your mind and subconscious.

This dream can also simply imply that you’re worried about some kind of change ongoing in your life; it might be that you’re actually moving house, in which case you might simply be feeling conflicted about the move. This is completely normal, and these dreams should ease up once you’re happy and settled in your new home.

However, this dream can also point to worries about something smaller: you might be feeling conflicted about a small change you’re making in your life (and questioning whether or not it’s worth it) or second-guessing a sacrifice you’re making in your relationship or at work. Try to identify a problem in your life that’s giving you doubts, and you might get one step closer to understanding this particular moving house dream.

You need more time for yourself

With jobs, relationships, and kids to manage on a day-to-day basis, it’s normal for you to have little-to-no time for yourself. But just because it’s normal it doesn’t mean we should accept it; having recurring dreams wherein you move into a new home - alone - might mean that you’re struggling with having enough time for yourself.

It can also imply that you’re struggling to carve an identity for yourself outside of your family and work obligations; you might feel overwhelmed in your various roles and simply wish to rediscover your “old” self.

If you’re regularly having dreams about moving house alone, it’s a good idea to make some time for yourself in your day-to-day life. Whether that means taking a night off once a week to do something you enjoy, or spending more time at the weekend doing things that make YOU happy, just make sure you’re getting enough time alone to recharge. If you have enough free time to enjoy your own company, dreams like these will usually stop occurring.

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