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Changing address when moving house checklist

If you’re moving house, there’s going to be a long list of people you’ll need to inform. You don’t want post, packages and important documents and letters to turn up at your old house.

From government agencies to subscription services, you’ll want to make sure that all necessary parties are informed at least a week before your official move-in date at your new home.

To make things simple, we’ve put together a changing address when moving house checklist, so you don’t miss anyone or anything important.

Government agencies

The first and most important: is government agencies. You’ll need to inform the following government agencies of your change of address at least one week (preferably two weeks) before your move-in date:

Financial Organisations

Next up, you’ll need to inform any financial institutions (such as your banks and loan providers) of your change of address. This is vitally important, as you don’t want your confidential financial information falling into the wrong hands or being misplaced.

You can even fall into problems with suspected identity theft or fraud if you don’t update your address with your bank. Updating your financial records to reflect your new address should be priority, after informing all relevant government bodies.

Ensure to make your change of address known to the following organisations, where applicable:

Insurance Companies

You’ll also need to make any insurance providers aware of your change of address. These include the following:

Utilities Providers

Before your move, you’ll need to also inform the following utilities service providers of your change of address, in order to avoid being billed for your former address:

You should also make sure to take a final reading of your meters in your former address the day of your move, and do the same when you arrive in your new home.

Other bills and monthly payments

Now, you’ll need to inform any organisation or company with whom you have a recurring bill or monthly payment. This can include any of the following:

It’s best to let any monthly payment service know as soon as possible that you’re changing address. You don’t want to be charged twice for any services, and some companies might take up to a week to process your change of address.

Subscription Services and Lifestyle

Whether it be Netflix or food subscription services like HelloFresh, it’s important to let any subscription service you have know that you’re changing address.

If you know the exact date you typically receive a delivery, you’ll want to inform the subscription provider of your new address at least 2 weeks before moving. Subscription services include any of the following, where applicable:

You’ll also want to update your new address on any online shopping provider websites. If you have accounts with various online shopping platforms (such as online food shopping, supermarkets etc) you should update you new address once you’ve moved in. This will avoid accidentally sending packages to your old address.

Health Providers

You’ll also need to inform any health providers about your change of address. This important as you might miss out on important screening calls if you forget to update your address with the NHS.

Health providers include:

Work and School

Next up, you’ll need to inform any work and school contacts of your change of address. If you have children and you’re moving outside the catchment area of their current school, you’ll need to organise school switching long before your move. This will prevent any delays and uneccessary absences as you register for a new school for your children.

You should inform your employer of your change of address around 2 weeks before your move-in date. This gives your employer the time to update your contract before you settle into your new address.

Work and school contacts include:

Friends and Family

Finally, you’ll want to inform your friends and family of your new address:

FAQS: Changing address when moving house:

Will I be able to keep my phone number when I move house?
You might be able to keep your old phone number if you’re moving to a new address within the same area as your former address. That being said, it might cost you a lot more to keep your old number, and some phone providers would simply recommend switching to a new one.

What happens if I forget to update my new address?
Forgetting to update your records to reflect your new address can cause serious problems. Not only might you experience long delays (such as waiting for a new GP) but you might also experience difficulties with your bank, who might suspect you of fraud or identity theft. It’s vital that you update all your relevant records (bank, utilities, government bodies) of your change of address at least one week (preferably beforehand) before moving into your new home.

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